Vintage rugs

Vintage rugs

From the supplier of our Mezze rugs, we are pleased to introduce to the market the new Vintage collection.

These rugs have a neutral palette and are cleverly woven to create a degraded and distressed appearance whilst the lustre in the viscose yarn gives the impression of a silk heirloom carpet.

Says Marketing Director June da Silva: “Our first visit to Domotex, the international rug fair held in Hannover, was both an eye opener and learning curve for me and colleague Katrin Herrmann-Van Dyk (Sales Director).Besides various types of weaving – from hand-knotting to power loom weaving – we were made aware of the fact that carpet repairing has been an enormous industry in the likes of Afghanistan for centuries. This has changed over the last number of years due mainly to the power loom industry; thousands of skilled hand-weaving and repairing experts were left without work.”

Another initiative was born out of this, namely, the collecting of old battered carpets mostly beyond repair, washing, bleaching and over-dyeing them and finally cutting them up, and patch-working them resulting in an antique distressed item which has gained huge popularity.

“The machine weavers were not far behind this trend; the result is our gorgeous Vintage rug collection made of the silk look alike viscose yarn and emulating the degrade appearance of the handmade item,” says June.



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